North Texas Giving Day Is Coming!

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North Texas Giving Day is an 18-hour online giving event designed to empower every person to give back to their community by supporting local non-profits and the causes they care about. Last year, Matthew 6 Ministries raised a total of $2,310! This event happens every year, and there are lots of ways to get involved!


1. Follow Us

Following us on social media is an easy way to support our mission, and gives you the opportunity to share our posts so your friends can partner with us, too! Our social media links are below. We can’t wait to connect with you!

Instagram: @matthew6ministries | Facebook: Matthew 6 Ministries | Twitter: @m6ministries


Volunteer with us for one of our upcoming events!2. Volunteer With Us

Looking for an easy way to jump right in with M6M? Check out our trailer schedule and let us know you’d like to be there! We are always looking for volunteers (and events) to help us end childhood homelessness and hunger in DFW and we would love to have you on our team! Check out our upcoming events and let us know you’re interested here:


3. Tell us a #WhyIGive story

Whether you’ve given your time, your money, or your attention to Matthew 6 Ministries, we want to hear from you! This year, we are asking people to share a #WhyIGive story – tell us what M6M means to you. Please consider submitting your #WhyIGive stories to – even if it’s just a sentence or two – so we can share with our social media followers.





4. Set up a FUNdraising Page

We need your help to reach our goal! Last year, we were able to raise a total of $1,310. This year, our goal is $5,000! That is only possible with your help. Set up a FUNdraising page to share why M6M and its mission matters so that you can share with your friends and invite them to join in our mission of ending childhood homelessness and hunger in DFW!

Just follow the link below for instructions on setting up your FUNdraising page, and email us with any questions you may have!

5. Give!

None of what M6M is able to do is possible without your help. Thanks to your generosity, we are able to add more partners regularly and together, we work towards ending homelessness and hunger in DFW! If you’re interested in giving towards M6M for North Texas Giving Day, sign up for our newsletter and we will keep you updated!

M6M giving to recent partner Good Sam of Garland

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