Coats and Cocoa 2019

The Need:

Every year, at least 1000 people die from hypothermia, and the homeless population is especially vulnerable. This winter, we partnered with Filling the Void and West End Church in Dallas to bring coats and cocoa to homeless people in downtown Dallas.

What We Did:

We collected coat donations in January and February at our Window Expo & Bath Expo showroom in Carrollton. We filled several boxes of coats and took them to the West End area of downtown Dallas where West End Church distributed them during an evening outreach event. And to ensure folks stayed warm, we served as much complimentary hot chocolate as the attendees could consume! Children’s coats that were collected were donated to Vogel Alcove for use in their clothing closet.

You can view the photos from our event here, on our Facebook page!

Thank You…

Thanks to all of you who donated coats and volunteered with us to distribute them and bring warmth and hope to the homeless in downtown Dallas.

Give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions about M6M. And if you are looking for a place to serve, we’d love to have you!


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