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 Why Matthew 6 Ministries?

In America, for every thirty children, one has been homeless at some point in the last year. That adds up to about 2.5 million homeless children in the States alone. Another 15.3 million children have been reported to live in households where they are unable to consistently access enough nutritious food necessary for a healthy life.

Because of statistics like these, and guided by the teachings from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) on how to live, pray, and give abundantly, Paul and Jackie Dietzler founded Matthew 6 Ministries. All M6M proceeds will be donated to like-minded non-profit organizations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth community. Matthew 6 Ministries has recently launched its brand new Shaved Ice Trailer, in which all proceeds from the trailer will go to local children in need. The long-term vision of M6M is to open a series of non-profit restaurants with the same local mission. Donate today to help fund our mission, or book our trailer at your next event.

About the Founders

Paul and Jackie Dietzler live in Flower Mound, Texas with their four adopted children. After an extensive career in the hospitality industry, Paul had the desire to step away from the corporate world in order to pursue a greater vision.

In 2012 Paul purchased a home improvement company called Window Expo, and in 2013 he launched a second home improvement company under the name Bath Expo in Dallas Fort-Worth, Central Texas and San Antonio. In 2021, the two brand were combined under one new name and look; Expo Home Improvement. A portion of profits and the infrastructure support from the companies are donated to Matthew 6 Ministries.

Paul and Jackie are members of Bridgeway Church in Copper Canyon, Texas where the church vision is a church without walls. This vision has helped shape the focus for Matthew 6 Ministries. The Dietzler’s chose to step outside of their comfort zone and focus on children in need in the Dallas Fort-Worth area.

Our Team

Paul & Jackie Dietzler
Matthew 6 Ministries

Susie Lee
Treasurer / Board Member
Matthew 6 Ministries

Richard VanderHoek
Board Member
Matthew 6 Ministries

Matt Palmer
Board Member
Matthew 6 Ministries

John Billimek
Outreach Manager
Matthew 6 Ministries

Amanda McDaniel
Marketing Manager
Matthew 6 Ministries

Core Volunteers


Join Our Volunteer Team

Our volunteers make all the difference – join us for a local event or for help in our Ice Trailer. We travel all over the Dallas Fort-Worth area and are always inviting volunteers to help us with our mission!

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